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Hi, I’m not dead yet but I’m currently very busy with preparing stuffs and delegating works to my co-workers. Having holidays during the busiest time of the year isn’t a good idea but I can’t help it because… I’ll take a break to see Live Journey concert in Hamamatsu next week! Yay!!!

2011 is indeed Nana year for me. Live Grace in January then this. Going to Japan 2 times in only 5 months  and also having had 7 day Hokkaido trip after Live Grace (including domestic flight fare), my wallet is crying now. Need to reduce my expense for at least 2 months after this.

I wonder how many hours I have to spend queuing for Journey live goods.
9 hours queuing in cold weather in front of Yokohama arena was really a nightmare for me and I got really sore legs for the rest 7 days in Hokkaido  -_-  Hope it will take a lot less time as ACT City is only 2k-seat hall not 20k-seat arena.

Journey ticket. Quite pricy -_-

I didn’t win FC ticket lottery, so  had to find this one in auction. Paid 18k yen for an ok seat in row 11 but didn’t get a chance for high-five Nana or see her walks pass closely since my seat is in the middle of row T-T My friend got better seat and may have a chance but it’s because he paid 30k yen for it. Hamamatsu tickets are so pricy and difficult to get.

Btw, Shin Ai summary chapter 5 is on the way but it is very long, so I may split it into 2 parts. Will post at least the 1st part before I go to Japan 🙂


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