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January 21st  is the best day to post something in my almost dead blog lol.

I had already said it at midnight, Japan time,  together with other fellow nana fans in twitter but I want to say it again. Happy Birthday dear Mizuki Nana, my jpop goddess and the artist who raped my wallet the most 😄

Music Japan Live Castle documentary was broadcasted today and she also  announced her almost 2 and a half month long  summer tour (live’s title not decided yet). Fourteen lives in twelve cities around Japan:

24/6  Shimane Civic Center (Shimane) capacity: 1,500 seats
30/6  Sekisui Heim Super Arena (Miyagi) capacity: 7,000 seats
7/7    Green Dome Maebashi (Gunma) capacity: 8,000 seats
15/7  Osaka-jo Hall (Osaka) capacity: 13,456 seats
16/7  Osaka-jo Hall (Osaka) capacity: 13,456 seats
21/7  Fukui Phoenix Plaza (Fukui) capacity: 2,000 seats
22/7  Toyama City Hall (Toyama) capacity: 2,066 seats
4/8    Nippon Gaishi Hall (NGK Insulators hall) (Aichi) capacity: 10,000 seats
5/8    Nippon Gaishi Hall (NGK Insulators hall) (Aichi) capacity: 10,000 seats
11/8  Nagasaki Brick Hall (Nagasaki) capacity: 2,002 seats
12/8  Saga City Cultural Hall (Saga) capacity: 1,181 seats
18/8  Akita Prefectural Hall (Akita) capacity: 1,839 seats
19/8  Aomori City Cultural Hall (Aomori) capacity: 2,185 seats
8/9    Chiba Marine Stadium (Chiba) capacity: 30,000 seats

Most of them are small venues, so it’s a good chance for people who love to see Nana close. She was only 3 meters away from me when I went to see her Live Journey concert at Hamamatsu (but didn’t have enough luck to get high-five).

Dear Nana-sama, I’m not sure if I can manage to go to japan and attend your lives this year after nearly went bankruptcy from last year’s 3 trips but I’ll try.

She’s  a cute 32 y/o, isn’t she? 😄

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