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January 21st  is the best day to post something in my almost dead blog lol.

I had already said it at midnight, Japan time,  together with other fellow nana fans in twitter but I want to say it again. Happy Birthday dear Mizuki Nana, my jpop goddess and the artist who raped my wallet the most XD

Music Japan Live Castle documentary was broadcasted today and she also  announced her almost 2 and a half month long  summer tour (live’s title not decided yet). Fourteen lives in twelve cities around Japan:

24/6  Shimane Civic Center (Shimane) capacity: 1,500 seats
30/6  Sekisui Heim Super Arena (Miyagi) capacity: 7,000 seats
7/7    Green Dome Maebashi (Gunma) capacity: 8,000 seats
15/7  Osaka-jo Hall (Osaka) capacity: 13,456 seats
16/7  Osaka-jo Hall (Osaka) capacity: 13,456 seats
21/7  Fukui Phoenix Plaza (Fukui) capacity: 2,000 seats
22/7  Toyama City Hall (Toyama) capacity: 2,066 seats
4/8    Nippon Gaishi Hall (NGK Insulators hall) (Aichi) capacity: 10,000 seats
5/8    Nippon Gaishi Hall (NGK Insulators hall) (Aichi) capacity: 10,000 seats
11/8  Nagasaki Brick Hall (Nagasaki) capacity: 2,002 seats
12/8  Saga City Cultural Hall (Saga) capacity: 1,181 seats
18/8  Akita Prefectural Hall (Akita) capacity: 1,839 seats
19/8  Aomori City Cultural Hall (Aomori) capacity: 2,185 seats
8/9    Chiba Marine Stadium (Chiba) capacity: 30,000 seats

Most of them are small venues, so it’s a good chance for people who love to see Nana close. She was only 3 meters away from me when I went to see her Live Journey concert at Hamamatsu (but didn’t have enough luck to get high-five).

Dear Nana-sama, I’m not sure if I can manage to go to japan and attend your lives this year after nearly went bankruptcy from last year’s 3 trips but I’ll try.

She’s  a cute 32 y/o, isn’t she? XD


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