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I know I haven’t finished Shin Ai Summary chapter 5 Part II and the rest. Sorry, I’m currently too busy with my works to have proper time to write down something that need concentration like summarizing the second part of chapter 5 without losing important details & emotion she put in it. I’ll be back at it after I finish all works in this month. In fact, I want to write many things, including my trip to japan and Live Journey but June and this month are the busiest months of the year in my office and I have to compensate for having day-offs between that crazily busy period.

However, I can’t help posting something after I found out a great news today. Mizuki Nana will have a concert at Tokyo Dome between December 3-4 this year!!!

Yes, you read it right. It’s “Tokyo Dome“. The biggest dome venue in Japan and a landmark of being a very succesful j-singer. I often talked with my fellow Thai Nana fans about how we wish Nana to have a concert there but I didn’t expect that it becomes a reality this fast!! But it’s true. Many sites already confirmed it.


Nana said in chapter 6 of Shin Ai (yeah, reminds me I haven’t finished summarizing it, sorry -_-) that Tokyo Dome is her another dream stage aside form Kouhaku. She said she watched Misora Hibari performed there on TV when she was a child and she dreamed that one day she would sing there. It wasn’t only a dream anymore. I saw from Saitama concert attendants’ tweets that she announced this news in tears. Congratulations Nana!

It’s Tokyo Dome!

Time does fly so fast. It has been almost 4 years since I discovered this amazing singer & seiyuu via my friend’s recommendation. I remembered the first Nana live I watched was Hime Murasaki @Animelo 2006 that she sent the youtube link to me around the begining of 2008. I, who never paid any attention to anisong singer before, was stunned by her voice and that was the begining of my Nana fandom (and disaster of my wallet lol). It’s funny that the one who introduced Nana to me is now a casual fan while I’m a full Nanatard.

Hime Murasaki.  Still my all time fav Nana song but can’t find Animelo 2006 one.

Who thought a seiyuu artist, whom people who recognize her used to be only seiyuu fans, can come this far? Following her, watching her gain more fame, more fans and achieve all her dreams makes me feel happy. Gambatte, Nana. Keep going. I really admire your strength to overcome all obstacles and conquer you dreams while me, who is around the same age as you, couldn’t do even half of it. I’ll continue to support you as a fan.

Ok, I don’t care how busy I will be at the end of this year (good thing between 3-5 Dec is long weekends in my country) and screw my poor wallet even if it will be my third time going to japan this year. I won’t miss Mizuki Nana live @ Tokyo Dome! Yeah, and I preordered Junketsu Paradox single already 😀

Well, I sounds like a stupid fangirl but can’t help it. This news is too awesome T-T


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